Working with Us

TCV is a dynamic, high-profile corporation with an excellent reputation within the financial markets and the Victorian Government. We offer attractive working conditions and corporate stability in a mature and productive workplace culture.

Our aim is to be respected for being an effective central funding authority and financing adviser for the State of Victoria. We try to optimise the benefits of being a significant player in the Australian financial markets to protect the interests of the State and our clients.

To achieve this we are committed to attracting and retaining appropriately experienced and qualified professionals who are passionate about helping us to deliver our aims.

We look for people with the key skills and knowledge that we value in our employees, including commercial acumen, communication skills, management effectiveness, pro-activity, empathy, effective relationship management and, of course, technical skills.

TCV understands that our employees are central to the success of our business. Management of our employees reflects our commitment to their long-term development. We also recognise the importance of helping our staff to lead a healthy and balanced life.

In return, we expect our people to aspire to TCV’s key skills and knowledge, and to demonstrate the values and behaviours required of participants in financial markets and employees in the public sector, as set out in the relevant Codes of Conduct.