Protected Disclosures Act 2012

Treasury Corporation of Victoria is committed to the aims and objectives of the Protected Disclosures Act 2012 (the PD Act) which came into effect on 10 February 2013.

TCV does not tolerate improper conduct by its employees, officers or directors, nor the taking of reprisals against those who come forward to disclose such conduct.

TCV recognises the value of transparency and accountability in our administrative and management practices, and support the making of disclosures that reveal corrupt conduct or conduct involving  a substantial mismanagement of public resources, or conduct involving a substantial risk to public health and safety or the environment.

TCV will take all reasonable steps to protect people who make such disclosures from any detrimental action in reprisal for making the disclosure.

TCV has established procedures, based on guidelines issued by the Independent Board-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) relating to  disclosures of improper conduct or detrimental action by TCV, our Directors or our employees.

A copy of the procedures is available below. This document requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Protected Disclosures Procedures

Alternatively, you can inspect a copy of the procedures at TCV’s offices, Level 12, 1 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria.

TCV is a Victorian public sector organisation about which a disclosure can be made to IBAC or other investigating entities. Under the PD Act disclosures to TCV are not protected under the PD Act,as TCV is not able to receive disclosures under that Act.

If you make a disclosure about improper conduct on the part of TCV or an employee or officer or director of TCV and want that disclosure to be protected under the PD Act, you need to make the disclosure directly to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC).

IBAC can be contacted as follows:


In person: IBAC
Level 1, North Tower, 459 Collins Street
Melbourne  VIC  3001
Postal address: IBAC
GPO Box 24234
Melbourne  VIC  3001
Telephone: 1300 735 135
Fax: (03) 8635 6444



For further information click here for IBAC’s Guidelines for making and handling protected disclosures and click here for IBAC’s Guidelines for protected disclosure welfare management.