TCV’s Project Advisory Services team can help clients develop and evaluate infrastructure financing proposals. The team provide analysis and advice on financing options for publicly funded projects and help clients evaluate and select infrastructure proposals submitted by the private sector. We work closely with clients to ensure that investment and financing arrangements meet their business objectives. We can deliver these services as a mandated project adviser or as a specialist adviser focusing on the specific financial evaluation and risk management aspects of a project. In all cases, we work closely within the framework and guidelines set by the Department of Treasury and Finance.

Investment Evaluation

Correct investment evaluation is essential for maximising the value of a business and ensuring sustainable financial performance. Effective investment evaluation involves the development of a sound business case. At TCV, we use a full suite of sophisticated financial analysis tools, including:

  • accurate cash flow modelling
  • application of an appropriate discount rate
  • discounted cash flow analysis
  • risk and sensitivity analysis
  • business impact evaluation.

Importantly, our approach to investment evaluation is consistent with the guidelines prescribed by the Department of Treasury and Finance.

Financing Options

Our Project Advisory Services team helps clients to determine the most appropriate funding solution for their project. In many cases where the asset being financed is integrated into the core operating business, standard loan facilities are appropriate. In other cases, the asset needs to be managed independently of the main operating business. In these instances, project financing may be the optimal financing method. The TCV team is able to provide advice on the available funding options and develop a financing solution appropriate to the cash flows of the project.

Partnerships Victoria

The Victorian Government’s Partnerships Victoria policy brings a rigorous financial and commercial framework to the evaluation of Public Private Partnership projects for public sector entities. With its skills and expertise in finance and risk management, our Project Advisory Services team can help our clients apply the policy to projects. Specifically, our team can assist TCV clients with Partnerships Victoria evaluations in the following areas:

  • development of project financial models
  • review of financial models prepared by other advisers
  • identification and management of financing risks
  • evaluating and assisting with the negotiation of private sector financing proposals
  • advice on termination and refinancing terms included in project agreements
  • benchmarking interest-rate and swap-financing arrangements
  • PPP contract invoicing and abatement modelling.
Business Planning

Client can draw on our knowledge of, and experience in risk analysis, valuation and cash flow modelling for help with business planning and development. Areas in which the Project Advisory Services team can assist include:

  • capital structure analysis
  • asset and liability valuations
  • valuation of contingent assets and liabilities
  • financial risk analysis such as interest rate or currency exposure
Our Strengths

We are uniquely positioned to provide impartial analysis and advice to enhance financing outcomes for our clients. This reflects our:

  • knowledge of State and client objectives, policies and operating environments
  • knowledge of financial markets and relationships with the financing sector
  • expertise in risk analysis and management
  • strong quantitative skills and experience
  • focus on client outcomes rather than profit
  • professional staff who are experienced in dealing with government departments, agencies and enterprises.
Our Clients

Project Advisory Services clients encompass a broad range of Government departments, statutory authorities and government business enterprises. References are available on request. Recent clients for the Project Advisory Services team include:

  • Department of Treasury and Finance
  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Department of Justice and Regulation
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
  • Eastern Health
  • South East Water
  • Major Projects Victoria