Investment Facilities

TCV offers the following investment facilities at competitive market rates:

11am Cash Deposits

11am cash deposits are for clients seeking a highly liquid short-term facility for investing daily surplus cash balances. TCV accepts 11am cash deposits until 3pm each day (or later by prior arrangement), with withdrawals to be advised by 11am. The interest rate payable on the 11am funds is re-negotiated daily, with accrued interest being paid on the first day of the following month.

Term Deposits

Term deposits are for clients seeking to invest short-term cash surpluses for periods of up to 365 days. The interest rate paid is based on the agreed term to maturity and market interest rates at the time of the investments. Funds lodged as term deposits are available for repayment on the maturity date, when the accrued interest is also paid.

Fixed Interest Deposits

Fixed interest deposits are for clients seeking to diversify their investment portfolio with a short- to medium-term investment that regularly pays interest at a fixed rate. We can arrange for the deposit to pay interest either quarterly or semi-annually for the term of the investment.

Fixed interest deposits are attractive for clients seeking a regular stream of fixed interest income.

Term Floating Rate Deposits

A term floating rate deposit is a short to medium-term investment that pays a rate which is calculated by applying a fixed margin to either the 90-day or 180-day bank-bill swap reference rate for the term of the investment.

When the fixed rate margin is positive, investors are able to achieve a higher floating rate return for the term of the investment. A negative fixed margin, however, would result in a lower floating rate return until maturity.

Structured Deposits

Structured deposits can be arranged according to a client’s specific cash management needs. Deposits can be structured to return principal and income flows in accordance with an agreed schedule that meets the client’s cash flow requirements.

Guaranteed Bill Index Deposit

Our Guaranteed Bill Index Deposit (GBID) was developed for those of our clients who wanted to achieve a money market return without the need to actively manage cash and bank bill market investments.

GBID provides investors with a money market return equivalent to the daily rate of change of the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index as calculated daily by TCV.

GBID is a rolling deposit product with interest distributions paid quarterly in arrears on the first Melbourne business day of April, July, October and January. Interest may be capitalised or directly credited to a nominated bank account.

It should be noted that if the index performance is positive for the period of the GBID, the return will be positive. If the index performance is negative for the period of the GBID, the return will be negative and an amount equivalent to the negative return will be payable to TCV. We will deduct this amount prior to repayment or reinvestment of the deposit.

There are no establishment and management fees payable on GBID deposits.

Additional information, terms and conditions and the application form for GBID deposits are contained in our GBID brochure.