Corporate Responsibility

As the State of Victoria's central financing authority, TCV works extensively with both the public and private sectors. We are committed to supporting State initiatives and Public Sector values and take every opportunity to promote those values in our operations, policies and procedures.

TCV is a significant player in the Australian financial markets and contributes to the responsible and ethical development of those markets. We contribute not only through our market interactions and practices, but also by active participation in market self-regulation through the Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA).

We take our corporate responsibilities seriously and seek to actively manage them as a responsible corporate entity.

One of TCV's core organisational goals is to improve the environmental sustainability for our operations, planning processes, policy and procedural development.

As a contributor to this, TCV has implemented an environmental policy and formal environmental strategic plan which details our reduction targets and objectives.

As part of our office based activities, TCV has:

  • continued our commitment to reporting our activities with the City of Melbourne’s Cityswitch program
  • reduced our electricity consumption by more than 23% (measured by Total KWh/FTE) over 2010 levels (as measured in 2017-18) including realising the benefits of significantly improving the energy efficiency of our computer server room (which accounts for approximately 80% of TCV electricity usage)
  • obtained a (self-rated) NABERS rating of 5.5 stars for the TCV tenancy and 5.5 stars for the computer server room
  • undertaken our annual waste audit which showed that enhanced recycling programs have resulted in a 30% landfill reduction and a 3% increase in recycling rates since March 2009 (as measured in 2017-18) and provided such feedback to staff on areas of success and/or improvements
  • continued our green purchasing and disposal policies including recycling all surplus electronic equipment, and environmental considerations in purchasing decisions.

As part of an increased focus of environmental outcomes for our core business activities, since 2016 TCV has:

  • continued with our reporting and monitoring obligations in respect of TCV’s July 2016 issuance of a $A300 million accredited Green Bond as the first tranche of an issuance program to support ongoing investment by the Victorian Government in low carbon infrastructure projects and energy efficiency initiatives
  • since 2017 implemented transactional support and advisory services to support the Government’s investment in renewable energy projects in holding LGCs under the Commonwealth Government's Renewable Energy Target for the Renewable Certificates Purchasing Initiative, the Victorian Desalination Plant, the Solar Trams initiative and other water sector clients
  • in 2019 confirmed an engagement to assist Zero Emissions Water, which has been set up to procure solar power on behalf of thirteen water authorities, to provide advisory services and transactional support.

TCV's Environmental Strategic Plan establishes both our current and proposed actions to reduce the environmental impact of our ongoing operations.

TCV recognises the responsibility of all government agencies in meeting the challenge posed by climate change and other environmental issues. TCV's Environmental Strategic Plan provides a basis upon which we can rebuild the future, and we commit to the continuous improvement of our environmental management.

To view the TCV Environmental Policy, click here.