Large-scale Generation Certificates
TCV is able to facilitate access to the large-scale generation certificate (LGC) market on behalf of clients. As the central risk manager, TCV can acquire, hold, sell or surrender LGC’s in TCV’s name for and on behalf of clients. We are also able to assist in the development of risk management policies and provide risk management advice and benchmarking information.

A client undertaking LGC transactions with TCV will require Ministerial approval for LGC transactions. The client will also need to execute an ISDA Master Agreement with TCV or an amendment to an existing ISDA Master Agreement with TCV, incorporating the Australian Environmental Products addendum to enable financial arrangements in relation to LGC transactions with TCV.

The purchase or sale of LGCs is dependent on the liquidity of the LGC market. TCV’s objective is to execute the best market price and pass through the executed market price to the client. No fees are payable for access to this LGC trading capability.