Competitive Short-Term Investments

TCV offers investment facilities to assist the State and its statutory authorities and government business enterprises with their cash management activities.

TCV's loan facilities are simple to administer and flexible to the needs of the client. We offer choices of term, an interest rate setting mechanism and a repayment schedule.

TCV accepts investments and pays interest on these investments at competitive rates for Victorian Government guaranteed investments. We price deposits at prevailing market rates and attract clients through our ability to effectively access the wholesale markets.

TCV can advise clients on their investment choices and structure investment portfolios to meet special needs.

Key features

  • competitive wholesale rates without fees, commissions or charges
  • an approved investment for Victorian public bodies
  • government-guaranteed
  • flexibility of product range and maturity dates with early redemption options.
Investment Products

TCV offers the following investment facilities at competitive market rates:

11am Cash Deposits
11am cash deposits are a highly liquid short-term facility for clients seeking to invest daily surplus cash balances. TCV accepts 11am cash deposits until 3pm each day (or later by prior arrangement), with withdrawals to be advised by 11am. The interest rate payable on the 11am funds is re-negotiated daily, with accrued interest paid on the first day of the following month.

Term Deposits
Term deposits are for clients seeking to invest short-term cash surpluses for periods of up to 365 days. The interest rate paid is based on the agreed term to maturity and market interest rates at the time of investment. Funds lodged as term deposits are available for repayment on the maturity date, when the accrued interest is also paid.

Fixed Interest Deposits
Fixed interest deposits are for clients seeking to diversify their investment portfolio with a short to medium-term investment. As they pay interest regularly at a fixed rate, they are attractive to clients seeking a regular stream of fixed interest income. TCV can arrange for the deposit to pay interest either quarterly or semi-annually for the term of the investment.

Term Floating Rate Deposits
Term floating rate deposits are a short to medium-term investment. They pay a rate calculated by applying a fixed margin to either the 90-day or 180-day bank-bill swap reference rate for the term of the investment. Investors can achieve a higher floating rate return for the term of the investment when the fixed rate margin is positive. A negative fixed margin would result in a lower floating rate return until maturity.

Structured Deposits
TCV can arrange structured deposits tailored to a specific cash management requirement. Based on the client's cash flow needs, an agreed schedule determines when structured deposits return principal and income flows.