Contract Management

TCV offers contract management services to departments and agencies required to manage PPP and other financial related contracts. Our contract management clients include the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Justice and Community Safety and Department of Education and Training.

For infrastructure and/or related financial contracts, PPP’s services typically involve:

  • initial contract model build and verification
  • ongoing invoice verification.

Initial Model Build and Verification
TCV typically provides the following services at this stage:

  • building an independent contract payment model and/or agreeing the private sector consortium’s contract payment model for each contract
  • providing verification of any adjustments for modifications to the base payments, if applicable
  • verifying the abatement regime in the contract payment model and/or building an independent abatement calculator, if applicable
  • confirming a common approach with the client to any subjective interpretation of the contracts or payment model.

Ongoing Invoice Verification
TCV can provide an invoice verification service for the Project upon completion of the Initial Model Build. This service provides the client with an independent verification of each payment under the relevant contract. TCV typically provides the following services at this stage:

  • collecting relevant indices, market data and project data required for each contract payment
  • verifying any modification(s), abatement(s) and/or other adjustments to the payment
  • completing the contract payment model for the relevant period
  • liaising with the project team and/or private sector consortium if there are any discrepancies with the invoice provided
  • providing a verification signoff to the client prior to each payment being made.